Product Chain

Acrylamide and Polyacrylamide

Biological enzyme catalysts are adopted to produce Acrylamide, and polymerization reaction conducted at low temperature to produce Polyacrylamide, reducing energy consumption by 20%, leading the production efficiency and product quality in the industry.

Acrylamide is manufactured with the original carrier-free biological enzyme catalytic technology by Tsinghua University. With the characteristics of higher purity and reactivity, no copper and iron content, it is especially suitable for high molecular weight polymer production. Acrylamide is mainly used for the production of homopolymers, copolymers and modified polymers that are widely used in oil field drilling, Pharmaceutical, metallurgy, paper-making, paint, textile, water treatment and soil improvement, etc.

Polyacrylamide is a linear water-soluble polymer, based on its structure, which can be divided into non-ionic, anionic and cationic polyacrylamide. Our company has developed a full range of polyacrylamide products through cooperation with scientific research institutes such as Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Petroleum Exploration Institute, and PetroChina Drilling Institute, using high-concentration acrylamide produced by our company’s microbiological method. Our products includes: Non-ionic series PAM:5xxx; Anion series PAM:7xxx; Cationic series PAM:9xxx; Oil extraction series PAM: 6xxx,4xxx; Molecular weight range:500 thousand —30 million.

Polyacrylamide (PAM) is the general term for acrylamide homopolymer or copolymer and modified products, and is the most widely used variety of water-soluble polymers. Known as “Auxiliary Agent for all industries", it is widely used in various fields such as water treatment, oil field, mining, papermaking, textile, mineral processing, coal washing, sand washing, medical treatment, food, etc.

● Acrylamide Solution
● Acrylamide Crystal
● Cationic Polyacrylamide
● Anionic Polyacryiamide
● Nonionic Polyacryiamide
● Polymer for tertiary oil recovery (EOR).
● High Efficiency Drag Reducer for Fracturing

● Profile Control and Water Plugging Agent
● Drilling Fluid Wrapping Agent
● Dispersing Agent for Paper Making
● Retention and Filter Agent for Paper Making
● Staple fiber recovery dehydrator
● K series Polyacrylamide


Furfuyl Alcohol and Foundry Chemicals

Our company cooperates with East China University of Science and Technology, and firstly adopts continuous reaction in kettle and Continuous distillation process for the production of Furfuryl alcohol. Entirely realized the reaction at low temperature and automatic remote operation, making the quality more stable and production cost lower. We have comprehensive product chain for casting materials, and made great progress in the technique and product varieties. Special products made to order is also available as per the request from the clients. We have professional teams enjoying good reputation in the industry for production, research and service, whom can solve your casting problems timely.

● Furfuryl Alcohol
● Self-hardening Furan Resin
● Sulfonic Acid Curing Agent for Self-hardening Furan Resin
● A New Generation of Self-hardening Alkaline Phenolic Resin
● Hot Core Box Furan Resin
● Co2 Curing Self-hardening Alkaline Phenolic Resin
● Cold Core Box Furan Resin
● Cold Core Box Cleaning Agent

● Release Agent for Cold Core Box Resin
● Low Concentration So2 Cold Core Box Resin
● Alcohol-based Casting Coating
● Special Coating for V Method Modeling
● Powder Coating
● Yj-2 Type Furan Resin Series Products
● Casting Auxiliary Materials

Environmental Friendly Solvents and Other Fine Chemicals

Our company has launched a 100,000 ton environmental friendly solvent and fine chemicals project in Qilu Chemical Park, with a total investment of CNY 320 million. Two workshops has been put into operation in 2020. In the future, we will speed up the extension of product chain and production capacity to increase added value in alcohol ether environmental protection solvent and coating additives. We shall carry out more fine chemical projects relying on the industrial chain of Acrylamide and Furfural alcohol, improving the product chain and strengthening the competitiveness of the project.

● Diethylene glycol tertiary butyl ether
● Methyl Diethylene Glycol Tert-butyl Ether
● Cyclopentyl acetate
● Cyclopentanone
● Tetrahydro furfuryl alcohol
● 2-Methylfuran
● 2-Methyl tetrahydrofuran

● 2-Methylbutanal
● N-Methylol Acrylamide
● N,N'-Methylenebisacrylamide
● 2-Methoxynaphthalene
● 2-Ethoxynaphthalene
● Copper catalysts for aldehydes hydrogenation